Project Overview

The objective of the APSI is primarily to investigate the use of a framework for mission planning development including AI-based planning modules, in order to improve the flexibility of the mission planning systems development, to increase the automation of the planning process, and to generate plans more robust to uncertainty and adaptable to change.


This ultimate goal will be achieved by


        trying to bridge the gap between advanced planning and scheduling techniques issued from AI and the world of space mission planning and operations, by identifying typical operational planning problems that can be resolved by these techniques;

        designing and implementing a prototype framework for supporting the development of mission planning systems;

        demonstrating the resolution of planning problems using AI-based techniques within the framework in three case studies.


At the end of the activity, the expected result is


        The identification of typical mission planning problems;

        A library of techniques applicable to the modelling and resolution of these problems;

        An architecture for a mission planning framework;

        A prototype of the mission planning framework;

        Three prototypes mission planning systems or part of mission planning systems built within the framework;

        A list of recommendation on how to incorporate the above in the development of operational mission planning systems.